CZE - PRK match quotes
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Miroslav Soukup, Czech Republic coach: "It was a much more interesting game than the first one against Argentina. Fortunately, our team talk at the interval had an effect on the second half, and we were able to fight back and then take the lead. In any case, I think the draw was a fair result because we'd lost our shape by the end. We've got another game still to play and if we win we can go through to the next round. It's still in our hands."

Tong Sop Jo, Korea DPR coach: "During the second half, when Czech Republic were enjoying their best passage of play, we weren't able to keep things tight enough at the back. That's why we conceded two goals. But the way we managed to snatch a draw will be great for the team. It will make us even more motivated ahead of our final match."

Martin Fenin, Czech Republic striker: "From our point of view, it was a very poor first half. I think that the penalty we gave away at the end of the game was our punishment for that. It's a shame that we let the victory slip away from us in the last minute."

Petr Janda, Czech Republic defender: "Yes, it was a penalty. I didn't see that I had another team-mate behind me, I arrived late and tried to stop him. I'm disappointed because we came so close to taking all three points. We've now got to beat Panama, who are perhaps the weakest team in our group."

Radek Petr, Czech Republic goalkeeper: "I'm very disappointed because even though I saved the penalty, I couldn't get to the rebound. Our only option now is to beat Panama."