PAN - ARG match quotes
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Hugo Tocalli, Argentina coach: "We played extremely well and we came away with an excellent win. As I said before, when we start putting away the chances we create then we'll start winning. We can be proud in that respect today. That said, I have to say I thought the team performed better against the Czech Republic. In the first few minutes Panama created three clear-cut chances and asked questions of our keeper, something that didn't happen to us before. And I'd like to congratulate the Panamanians for not resorting to dirty play despite the scoreline."

Julio Dely Valdes, Panama coach: "My congratulations to Argentina, to their players and Hugo Tocalli for the team they've got. We can't deny their superiority. We started off really well, but then we switched off for a little while and let in four goals, and there was no answer to that. We've still got a chance of going through thanks to the draw between Korea DPR and Czech Republic, and we're still hopeful."

Maximiliano Moralez, Argentina midfielder: "We knew that Panama played with a flat back line and that's why we tried to knock long balls over the top. It paid off for us and we scored four goals in a short space of time to kill the game off there and then."

Sergio Aguero, Argentina forward: "Panama are a team that likes to come out and play and we made the most of that. Everything worked out perfectly for us and we hope we can repeat the performance in the next few games. I'm sure other sides will sit deeper against us though."

Luis Mejia, Panama goalkeeper: "It hurts to lose a game this way, and it was much tougher than we expected. We need to be strong mentally though, and focus on what's ahead of us now. In three days we've got a chance to go through and we need to rise to the occasion."