CZE - PAN match quotes
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Julio Dely, Panama coach:"It was a hard-fought game and the second half was very demanding. I would have liked a better result but in the end it made sense. We didn't achieve the goal we set ourselves, which was to go through on four points, but my team did the best it could. In the end, I'm satisfied. We qualified for this tournament and we made history by winning a point, but of course I would have liked more. Carlos Rodriguez was a bit tired after the first half so I took him off. Then I switched my right and left midfielders, but that didn't work any better. If we're to go further next time, we need to keep working and we need everyone to keep supporting us back in Panama."

Miroslav Soukup, Czech Republic coach:"We knew it would be a difficult match because Panama were very good against Korea DPR. We can't play like the Argentinians; our game is more similar to the Koreans'. That said, the Argentinians showed us the weaknesses in the Panamanian defence and that helped us. It was good to go 2-0 up because they came back strongly at the end. I'm delighted to still be involved in the tournament. When we got here, we knew we needed a win to go through. Against Argentina, we could have won in theory, but there you go. Against Korea, the match could have gone either way. In the end, we knew we had to get it done against Panama.We were cautious at the start because we wanted to see how the Panamanians would approach the game since they needed a victory. Added to that, the players knew subconsciously that a draw could be enough. We had to pay attention and make sure they didn't score first."

Gabriel Torres, Panama striker:"I'm not disappointed because we can be happy with the work we've put in. Of course we would have liked to go further, but we weren't able to take that extra step. I guarantee you that we'll be stronger next time."

Lubos Kalouda, Czech Republic striker:"It's a great feeling, even though we made a few mistakes at the end. It was a tiring match as the Panamanians never stopped running. We also lost our concentration a bit after the first goal."

Martin Fenin, Czech Republic striker:"We were well prepared for this match, but we weren't able to play exactly as we wanted at the start. Having said that, we didn't give them many chances at all. Above all, we got the result we wanted and that's what matters most."