KOR - USA match quotes
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Thomas Rongen, USA coach:
I said this was the toughest group and I wasn't wrong The Poles totally deserved their win over the Brazilians and for us to come away with a draw was a good result because the Koreans were better than us. But we showed we have character and I think this could be a precious point in the end.

I have to praise Korea. Their 3-5-2 was very effective, with a lot of movement, and they caused us problems for the whole 90 minutes. I think they were just better than us tactically; I don't think we were disorganised. We didn't get enough of the ball and that made our task even harder. We wanted to dictate the play with our 4-4-2 formation and, to be fair, we scored the one time we put a move together. In the second half, we changed a few things tactically in midfield and tried to put a little more pressure on them, but it didn't work.

Dong Hyun Cho, Korea Republic coach:
We missed a huge amount of chances early on and then they scored. We had to chase them for the entire game and that was very difficult. The Americans' wing play was dangerous, so because of that I had to make a few changes in defence. It was a very demanding match but we'll be ready for the second game. I don't think we're in a better position than Brazil and, in any case, they're always tough to play against. Next time, we'll just have to finish our chances.

Chung Yong Lee, Korea Republic midfielder:
We spent a lot of energy trying to get back into the game. If we hadn't missed so many chances at the start, the match would have been different and no doubt easier for us. We absolutely have to score first next time out. We pushed ourselves to the limit, we gave everything we had, so naturally we're exhausted now.

Young Rok Shin, Korea Republic forward:
We're not worried about the missed chances and we're not worried about taking on Brazil either. All we're thinking about is that we need to score in our next game.

Chris Seitz, USA goalkeeper:
We can't be happy with the match because they dominated us. That said, we're pleased with the result and this point will be important. In the second half, we lacked energy and strength. The disappointment comes from the fact we knew what to expect and we knew how they play, but we still couldn't contain them. I think Poland will be a better-suited team for us; closer to our style of play and more aggressive in the tackle. Because of that, I'm confident.