BRA - KOR match quotes
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Nelson Rodrigues, Brazil coach: "We played well until 10 minutes from time. Their first goal came from poor marking. Then they put us under enourmous pressure. Especially after the second goal. But we have the three points, and that's what counts. Our squad is a difficult one to manage because you have four very different football schools coming together. But we were a better team tonight than in the opener and we'll get better still. Conceding two goals at the death will teach us a valuable lesson I hope.

Dong Hyun Cho, Korea Republic coach: "Although we lost 3-2 we performed very well. Even when we were down 3-0 we never gave up. That's how this team is. Alexandre Pato going off wasn't really a key moment. I think Brazil just wanted to rest him. We pushed up at the beginning and were caught out with 3 counters."

Alexandre Pato, Brazil striker: "I was happy with the game and to score twice. But we cannot sit on our laurels. We've got a crucial game against the Americans coming up. It'll be tough but we'll be giving it everything. We are a tight unit. I'd like to congratulate the Koreans on their performance tonight. They played well and fought like lions till the end."

Cassio, Brazil goalkeeper: "It was a good game and we learnt a lesson from it: you can't ease up even when you are leading 3-0. We now have a good chance to go through but we shouldn't be over-confident. Freddy Adu is obviously a great individual talent but the American's are also strong as a team."

Young Sung Shim Korea Republic midfielder: "3-0 and 3-2 are very different scorelines. To come back as we did felt great despite the result. And we'll take that momentum into the next match. We couldn't hold onto the ball in attack today which complicated our game in the middle of the park. Brazil were sharp on the counter attack. That game took it out of us. We'll need to work hard to recuperate."