Michal Globisz, Poland coach: "This result is a consequence of playing against Brazil with only ten men. We hadn't recovered from our physical exertions in that game. Because of that, my players let their heads drop after the second goal and they just couldn't give any more. At the start, we tried a zonal defence to counter the American attacks, but I changed that and put Adam Danch on Freddy Adu. It didn't work much better. The Americans have a team composed of very good players who were better than us physically, technically and tactically. And both Freddy Adu and Danny Szetela were very impressive."

Thomas Rongen, USA coach: "After our lucky draw against the Koreans, we had a discussion amongst ourselves because a few things had to change. We were better emotionally, we used the space better and we moved the ball around better. We owed it to ourselves to show our pace and athletic abilities, and our key players rose to the challenge.We were a bit soft against Korea but the players put in a different performance this time and made a lot of sacrifices - especially Julian Valentin, who suffered a bad cut to his eyebrow. Above all we wanted to demonstrate our attacking qualities with some attractive football, and I believe that's good for the tournament. I think it was the best U-20 match I've seen in my career."

Freddy Adu, USA striker: "Every player in the world dreams of a match like that. Of course we're delighted and we'll celebrate in the proper manner. But we still have to play Brazil and that's a crucial game which we'll be turning our attentions to very quickly. The difficult start to the match really stunned us, but we were able to respond. What I love about this team is its character and never-say-die attitude."

Jaroslaw Fojut, Poland defender: "We made some stupid mistakes. Our communication was disastrous and it was as if each player was just doing what he felt like. Even at 4-1 we could have got back into the game, thanks to the support from the crowd, but it didn't happen."

Krzysztof Krol, Poland defender: "I don't know what happened. We didn't communicate and we had trouble containing Adu. We have to forget this game. A score-line like that is embarrassing and there's no chance of us playing the same way against the Koreans."