BRA - USA match quotes
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Nelson Rodrigues, Brazil coach: "We were drawn in the hardest group of the tournament, and I reckon the qualifiers will go through to the semi-finals at least. We've still got a chance of going through, and if we manage it, we'll still be one of the favourites for the title. We didn't play badly today, and we even managed to create plenty of chances. We just didn't put them away that's all. The USA did though, and that's why they got the three points. As for Freddy Adu, well he's a very special footballer with the kind of ability you see in South American players. He showed the efficiency that we were lacking."

Thomas Rongen, USA coach: "This is an historic win for American soccer, the kind of result you don't achieve very often. The game is still developing in our country, and I must confess I'm a great admirer of Brazilian soccer. We knew we had a great team with the ability to win and luckily we managed to do it. Freddy Adu had a sensational game and he showed all his potential and leadership qualities, and we also managed to reach our objective of getting out of the group, the toughest in the tournament in my opinion. It's been the Group of Death, no question."

Josmer Altidore, USA forward: "It's a very special night for me, as this is the first time I've been on the winning side against Brazil. And I scored two goals too! It's an incredible feeling. Of course, it was Freddy Adu who created the chances - he's got a special talent. We can't afford to get carried away now because the real tournament has only just begun. What mementoes am I taking from this game? The ball is staying with me for a start. I'm going to get all my team-mates to sign it."

Freddy Adu, USA forward: "We can't celebrate too much. We are playing well, but we need to stay calm for the games ahead. If we keep working like this, the results will keep coming. I think this side has got a great team spirit, and that's how this game should be played. If we can keep this up, we can take on anyone. On a personal level, I'm really enjoying every game and that's when I play my best soccer."