POR – NZL match quotes

Jose Couceiro, Portugal coach: "We won the match and that's what we expected. We were the best team on the pitch and we had more quality. It's important to win the first match and we're happy we did, but we made some mistakes too and were lucky that we were not punished. We'll try to do better in the next matches."

Stu Jacobs, New Zealand coach: "Portugal is a world class site. They won the U20 twice. We did ok until the 43rd minute when they got a goal from a freekick. We will take a lot of positive aspects out of our performance today: we did well and even missed some big chances at the end. Lets take as much experience as we can back to New Zealand."

Bruno Gama, Portugal match winner: "I love the fans in Canada. The way they supported us was just amazing today. Our goal here at these finals is to win every game, including the Final, and hopefully I can score more goals like I did tonight on the way there!"

Zequinha, Portugal forward: "We played well and could have done even better, but in the end three points is good no matter what. The fans were absolutely amazing in the way they supported us. It felt like we were playing back in Portugal."

Mano, Portugal defender: "This is a good win, we did what we had to do but I know in my heart we can play much, much better and that is what we will try to do next time out."

Dan Keat, New Zealand captain: "We definitely proved that we belong here at this World Cup. We played well overall and in the end - the last ten minutes - I feel like we created some good chances to score and we were the better team. We will take this and hopefully be able to use it looking to our next games."

Jeremy Brocki, New Zealand forward: "Yeah, I missed a tough one at the end there but I think we played well at the end and we had them on the ropes. This is a good sign for us, and we will take it into our next games."