Jesus Ramirez, Mexico coach: "We started very slowly but later on we improved, kept possession and played as planned. We were nervous in the first half - it's not easy to start out in a World Cup without being a little nervous. But we took the game to them later on and I am happy with the adjustments we made. Gambia are a very good team. They were better than us in the first half but we were able to adjust to deal with them in the second half. We have two important games to come and the boys will need to calm down, settle their nerves and get better. We came here to win the World Cup and to do so we will need to get better."

Peter Bonu Jonson, Gambia coach: "The result is disappointing. We lost our footing a bit in the second half and we were punished for our mistakes. Now we will go back, study our shortcomings and be more prepared for our next match with New Zealand. I was happy with the way we played in the first half and we were unlucky not to score but in the second we lost concentration in midfield."

Joseph Gomez, Gambia goalkeeper: "We didn't concentrate enough early on, and the Mexicans took their chances. For us, this result is very disappointing."

Giovanni dos Santos, Mexico striker: "I think we played very well today against a tough opponent. We struggled a little in the first half, but we talked about the problems and fixed them in the second half. To be honest, when the ball came to me I didn't even think twice about hitting it or where I was, I just knew I needed to try and shoot. I'm so happy it went in. I think if we keep going along like this we can win this competition. We just need to stick together and keep motivated."

Patricio Araujo, Mexico captain: "Gambia ran a lot and made it tough for us. It was a good thing that we knew their strengths before the game today. We are playing well now but Portugal will be very tough because they have great players. It will be a tight game and we will need to have a lucky day."

Carlos Vela, Mexico striker: "We are thrilled to have won because we want to win the title. The Gambians were physically very strong. We are happy and motivated by our many fans here in Canada and we will try to keep them happy throughout the tournament."