MEX - POR match quotes
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Jesus Ramirez, Mexico coach: "I'm very happy for my boys. We beat an excellent team tonight. The last minutes were tight, but we were not worried as we handled the last minutes of the match well. The yellow cards we have now are a bit of a worry, we might need to reorganise the team a bit now. We play a connective style of football, and the substitutes fit perfectly into the team and kept up the speed. Barrera came on and scored a great goal."

Jose Cruceiro, Portugal coach: "This was a good match with high quality and two great teams in action. But whoever scores more goals wins in football, no matter how well you play. Mexico has an excellent team, Congratulations go to them. It was an open match that we could have also won. But Mexico scored first and we had to chase the result. That was difficult for us. The best indication of this was given by the Mexican Coach, who said to me: 'we will meet again in the final.'"

Alfonso Blanco, Mexico goalkeeper: "Frankly we expected a tougher game out of Portugal. Yeah, it's true they grabbed a goal at the end but we felt pretty comfortable through the game and we couldn't be more happy with our place in the second round. Now we need to improve and get better with every game."

Patricio Araujo, Mexico captain: "It was a tough game like we knew it would. Portugal are a very good team and they showed tonight that they can play the game. They pushed us pretty hard, especially at the end. Even though we are assured of a place in the second round we will play to win our last game against New Zealand. After that we can start to think about the knockout stages."

Carlos Vela, Mexico forward: "We were never too nervous about the result. We played a good game and now we are thrilled to be in the next round. We are a calm team, we play football calm, we play with a smile and we will try to get better in every game as we look ahead."

Giovanni Dos Santos, Mexico forward: "We are thrilled to have reached the next round. Our first goal was to survive the first round and that's what we've done. In comparison to our team in 2005 in Peru, this team is much more united, things have changed a bit for us now. The mentality has improved - we now have the mentality to become world champions again."

Bruno Gama, Portugal captain: "We did what we could and we had them (Mexico) against the ropes near the end. It's a tough loss to swallow but now we will need to re-focus and pick back up in our last group game against Gambia. We are still in good shape."