ESP - URU match quotes
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Gines Melendez, Spain coach: "We didn't have much luck in defence. We made a mistake and found it hard to get back in the game. Tactically though, we were sound and we managed to dominate possession."

Gustavo Ferrin, Uruguay coach: "Spain moved the ball around extremely well and it was more a case of us being forced back rather than deciding to sit deep. We were unlucky to concede a goal from a clearance that they managed to put away well. The physical side of things turned out to be very important in the end, but we showed we've got a good side. Despite a disappointing end to the game, we nearly came away with the points."

Diego Capel, Spain midfielder: "We're happy with the result because we proved that the team's got pride and lots of options. We can pass the ball around or hit long balls, and that's what worked for us."

Luis Suarez, Uruguay forward: "The way things turned out really hurts because we were on the brink of winning and to miss out on the points like that is just terrible. Spain played a great game and I'd just like to congratulate my team-mates for their hard work because we were very, very tired at the end."

Edinson Cavani, Uruguay forward: "A result like this leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, but at the same time we got a point against the European champions. Tiredness got to us at the end of the game, what with all the effort we put into defending, but we came away with a valuable point."

Bruno Montelongo, Uruguay midfielder: "My job when I came on was to stop Capel, who moved out to the right and scored that goal in the last minute. The feeling we've got right now is one of frustration because we could have won the game. That said, we know it was going to be tough and we would have taken a draw before the game."