URU - ZAM match quotes
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Gustavo Ferrin, Uruguay coach: "When our goalkeeper was sent off (in the 19th minute) that changed everything for us. I make no excuses because they played well and are a good team, but in that moment we lost not only our goalkeeper and a player, but the structure of the match changed as well. I agreed with the decision, and we tried to make adjustments, but it was the key event for us. I think the situation also made the players disappointed. They could have reacted better."

George Lwandamina, Zambia coach: "We have been getting better and better in this tournament, and today we showed a lot of confidence today. We had to change our approach from the other two games. Before we played with more men in the midfield, but today we pushed more men forward since we knew we had to win. I think it worked to our advantage. Advancing is good for Zambia. My expectations for the next round are normal; we want to excel. As soon as I saw the goalkeeper pull our player down, I knew it was a penalty. Compared to our last match, Spain have more individual players who can win a match. Uruguay have one or two players who are good as well, but they are not as strong."

Mauro Goicoechea, Uruguay goalkeeper: "I thought the ball was coming slowly, and it came quicker than I thought. It was just one of those things. It's the life of a goalkeeper."