CHI - CGO match quotes

Jose Sulantay, Chile coach: "I am always happy when we win at this championship, especially today when we had a lot of Chileans with us in the stadium, and we like to bring joy to the people. I congratulate my players. They were very relaxed before the game and I talked to them to make sure they had a different mentality to the one they had off the field but they gave a good positive response to my instructions and they followed what I said. The thing that worried me the most coming into this tournament was advancing to the next round but winning our first game against Canada gave us a lot of comfort. The path is now open to us to keep on advancing to bigger things."

Eddie Hudanski, Congo coach: "We played against one of the best teams in the world and even with eleven against eleven it would have been difficult to win against Chile. Of course it is not over yet but we have no choice... we have to win our last group game against Canada."

Nicolas Medina, Chile goalscorer: "Congo were difficult opponents at the beginning because they were constantly attacking and were a little bit exasperated at first but we won in the end. I would like to dedicate my goal to my family."

Matthias Vidangossy, Chile striker: "It was a good game and we are glad that we have been able to advance to the next round. Hopefully we can keep playing well and go on to win the tournament."