CAN - CHI match quotes
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Jose Sulantay, Chile coach: "Everything worked well for us tonight. It' just one result though and we can't get carried away. We pressured them constantly and didn't let them think. We played possession football and with the first goal, we took charge of the game. We should play better in the next game, but I don't know anything about Congo yet.To talk about being a world champion is a big thing. But I don't want to take that illusion away from the players, but it will be a hard road to achieve that goal."

Dale Mitchell, Canada coach: "It was an experience, but it was not an extremely pleasant one. It was tough for our boys. The better team won tonight, better in every department. Vidal was outstanding tonight, there is no doubt that Chile deserved the three points. The positive aspect is that the boys now have the experience of the first game now. The next two games should be a bit easier, even if we respect Austria and Congo. There a still six points on the table."

Jaime Grondona, Chile forward: "I just went out there to run around and help my team with fresh legs. The next thing you know, right when I got out there the ball came right into my path and I didn't even have time to think before I headed it in."

Gary Medel, Chile midfielder: "We can be happy with this result. We played very well but we can't get too excited just yet. Our goal is to win our next match and guarantee our place in the next round."

Gerardo Cortes, Chile midfielder: "I felt like I was going to cry when I heard the national anthem played before the game. We did well today, we moved the ball well and fought hard. We well need to keep getting better."

Andrea Lombardo, Canada striker: "A lot of things went wrong tonight. We conceded three goals and we just can't do that and expect to get anything. They were a strong team and they deserved the win. The next will come real fast so we need to get back on track and change some things or we're going to be heading out."

David Edgar, Canada defender: "Chile were just better than we were tonight. But all is not lost. There are still six points to be had in this group and we plan to take them all. Now we head out to Edmonton and we need to get the wheels back on and get our heads straight."