CGO - AUT match quotes
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Eddie Hudanski, Congo coach: "Austria played well in the first half with their two fast strikers but that was not my team in the first 45 minutes. We improved after half-time and with every minute we play in this tournament we will produce better football. At the start they were very nervous and paralyzed because this is the World Cup... I have never seen them play so badly. Next time I will ask the boys to start with the second half!"

Paul Gludovatz, Austria coach: "My thanks go to all the fans who made it possible for us to play in such a great atmosphere. I'm proud that my team gave a good impression of themselves and left their 'business card' here."

Destin Onka, Congo goalkeeper: "We struggled in the first half but we bounced back to our level in the second. It was difficult for us because of their style but we adapted throughout the game."

Cecil Filanckembo, Congo captain: "We could hear the crowd singing for us. It made us very proud and gave us the power to equalise in the second half."

Sebastian Proedl, Austria captain: "In my opinion we had more goalscoring opportunities and I also compliment our goalkeeper (Michael Zaglmair) because he played a great match."