Choi In Cheul, Korea Republic coach
I am not surprised at the result. We have really been concentrating on this specific game and we’ve been putting into practice a lot of these situations in training. Ji So-Yun is very famous in South Korea and we can see her having a very big tournament. She always plays at a high level and she also knows how to look after herself and her body.

Yannick Schwery, Switzerland coach
I’m disappointed, not with my team because they played well but I’m disappointed with the result. It’s my duty now to prepare them for the next game.

Ji So-Yun, Korea Republic
Our team showed a good performance and we ahve a great position for the next two matches against USA and Ghana. I had not scored three goals in a match before but I had scored two in a game before.

Kim Hye-Ri, Korea Republic
Switzerland were not bad opponents but the tactics we made before the game worked very well. We have self-confidence now and we hope this win gives us a boost for the following games.

Samira Susuri (Switzerland)
The Koreans were tactically better than us. They were faster and dominated the match.