Jill Ellis, USA coach
We were a little bit tight and anxious in the first game but the players knew what had to be done today. We had to get a result and generate some momentum and we achieved that with the result and the performance. I don’t think it was the pressure of defending the trophy in the first game – more that for a lot of the team it is their first World Cup so it was the whole thing about being in a big environment.

Yannick Schwery, Switzerland coach
I’d like to congratulate the USA team and also thank the organisers for the tournament and also the spectators who cheered for us and gave us encouragement. Looking on the positive side some of our better players were the younger ones, those born in 1993, and that gives us hope for the future.

Christine Nairn, USA captain
It was an unexpectedly high win and we are excited and happy. At the same time we are concentrating on the next game. We made five great goals and Sydney (Leroux) did so well with her hat-trick.

Zakiya Bywaters, USA goalscorer
We went into the game with a lot of confidence and we kept to the game plan which our coach has developed. I’m sure as long as we play as a team we can get to the quarter-finals.

Danique Stein, Switzerland captain
To lose two games as heavily as this is of course a disappointment. We have to get over it and take the positives from it and at least it was a much better performance than against Korea. I think 5-0 was harsh on us. At the European Championships we went to the semi-finals but this is the World Cup and you can see the different level we have to reach.