Ndem Egan, Nigeria coach
I’d like to thank the fans for the support they gave us today. Every game is different to the one before. Today we were able to gain the upper hand very early on. I felt we controlled the match, knocking the ball around well. Japan fought hard for an equaliser, but we managed to hold them off. This time around we were more clinical in front of goal, even though we still missed a few clear-cut chances. Now we have to finish the job against Mexico in the our match and reach the quarter-finals.

Norio Sasaki, Japan coach
Nigeria’s style of play surprised us. With so many up front, we just weren’t able to contain them, and we soon paid the price by falling behind. Just like in the Mexico game, we had to start the second half two goals down. We tried to produce a similar comeback, but this time we were up against opponents that were physically stronger and defensively solid. I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate my opposite number on the performance of his Nigerian side today. As for Japan, we need to make improvements on the physical side of things, but we’re still in with a chance of qualifying from the group. Against England we’ll have no choice: either we win, or we’re out.