Roberto Medina, Mexico coach
It was a tough match for us, since we had to adjust our tactics a number of times in mid-game. Nigeria took the first chance that came their way, and that knocked the wind out of my players‘ sails, but they dug deep and got the equaliser. We’re delighted we’ve made it through to the quarter-finals for the first time, but that doesn’t mask the problems that we still have to sort out. My team is growing and they’ve already learnt a lot, and they’re going to carry on learning. Why was Charlyn Corral taken off at half time? Tactical reasons, pure and simple.

Ndem Egan, Nigeria coach
It was a very interesting match, and tactically a very good one. We had to keep our focus and try to play to our full potential. If you never make any mistakes, then there would be no goals, which is why we stepped up the pressure and took a few risks. Before the tournament I knew full well that we would have a tough time of it here. My team will continue to work hard and look for new challenges, because without them, there can be no success. Ebere Orji came off at half time as she had picked up a slight injury. It looked like it was muscle-related, and she’ll be available for the next game.

Alina Garciamendez, Mexico player
I’m glad that we’ve got through. For my goal, I actually thought that the ball was going wide. We’ve made history here and we don’t care who we have to play next.