Tony Readings, New Zealand coach
We’re capable of playing a lot better than that, as we know from our warm-up games. We’ve come up short today, and we’re very disappointed.

Calle Barrling, Sweden coach
We’re thrilled about winning our first match at this World Cup, although especially when you look at the first half, we’ve got to defend better than that. But today was always going to be a difficult game.

Antonia Goransson, Sweden
It's a great feeling to be the match-winner, but we should really have wrapped it up earlier. I hope I’ll score a few goals at this World Cup, but the team is obviously the priority.

Hannah Wilkinson, New Zealand
We eased off far too much after my goal. We had a real go at them again at the end, but we’ve not managed another goal. I’m very disappointed, especially after we started so well. But Spain lost their first match (in South Africa), so I guess this means we’ll win the World Cup!

Emilia Appelquist, Sweden
What we’ve set out to do here is be brave and enjoy the tournament. Our initial target is to reach the quarter-finals, hopefully against Germany. Obviously, in an ideal world we’d like to go further than that, but we’re taking it step by step. That was a hard-fought match between two good teams. At the end of the day, we deserved to win, and I’m delighted we’ve done so.