Calle Barrling, Sweden coach
I think we saw a fairly evenly-matched game. I counted four chances for each team. The Brazilians had more of the ball, but that's to be expected. They made some clever subsitutions - we didn't recognise those players so we were caught by surprise somewhat. Brazil are very dangerous from set pieces, particularly throw-ins.

Marco Gaspar, Brazil coach
Brazil had more of the game and in my view the better chances as well. Sweden's goal came as a result of an individual error which they punished severely. I'm sure the Swedes will be happier with the result than we are, but I'm fairly satisfied. We played attacking football and we'll be working hard to make sure we win our final group game.

Rafaelle, Brazil goalscorer
Obviously we're not happy with the result and now we need to make sure we win our final group match. We're going to need to do our homework and hope the other teams can do us a favour as well.

Antonia Goransson, Sweden goalscorer
I don't usually play up front so I was quite surprised that the coach played me there. Not many balls were played forward, but you have to make the most of the chances you do get.