Ricardo Rozo, Colombia coach
We were very proud to get to this tournament in the first place and now of course we are even prouder to make it through to the next stage. Today is Independence day in Colombia, the 200th anniversary, so we think we have made a happy country even happier. It is important for women's football in Colombia that we have made it to the quarter-finals.

Randall Chacon, Costa Rica coach
Colombia played very well and congratulations to them. They showed that their place in the next round is absolutely merited. Unfortunately this was the worst match the team has played under me. Colombia were much better than us and there is not much more that I can say.

Daniela Montoya, Colombia goalscorer
We are very happy to reach the quarter-finals. The level of all the teams is very good and I hope now that we can reach the final.

Natalia Gaitan, Colombia captain
We have got this far because of the attitude of our team. We are like a family and the unity among us has helped us reach the quarter-finals. I think now we can go all the way to the final.

Mariela Campos, Costa Rica defender
Everything went wrong today. We wanted to score goals but the passing was not good and so we were unable to score.