USA - Nigeria quotes
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Ndem Egan, Nigeria coach
I would agree that this is the biggest achievement for women's football in Nigeria. We knew we had never exceeded the quarter-finals before so our target was to get to the semi-finals and from there to think about the final. All Nigeria will be so happy with this result. We had a few lapses in the first half because the players forgot what we told them but in the end they fulfilled their promise to get to the semi-final.

Jill Ellis, USA coach
I am very proud of my players because we met a very talented, challenging opponent. We scored a good goal and there was nothing we could have done about their equaliser. The changeround in the second half came about because of fatuigue and that's why we used all three substitutes. At the end of the day we should have put our chances away in the first half and my heart goes out to the players.

Helen Ukaonu, Nigeria goalscorer
It's really great to play for our supporters, they help us a lot. How did we make the difference in the second half? We just prayed. We pray to God a lot and we didn't want to lose to USA. But we knew we would win today.

Esther Sunday, Nigeria substitute
I had to stay focused as I took the penalty three times. I just concentrated on scoring and it worked. We believe in God and our families and that helped us a lot.