Germany-Korea Republic quotes
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Marent Meinert, Germany coach
I'm very happy with the 5-1 result and particularly with the way we played. We've realised our dream of reaching the final. I'm very proud of the way the players performed and just happy that we'll be able to experience the final together on Sunday. We had a lot of respect for Korea Republic, they have some excellent individual players and fully deserved to be in the semi-finals. It was hard work and the result doesn't really reflect the way the game went. We hadn't decided who would take penalties, so I was just happy to see someone take the ball and put it away. The players decided it amongst themselves.

Choi In Cheul, Korea Republic coach
I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate the German team on their victory and for reaching the final. I'm very proud of my team. They did their best to implement what we'd taught them. The defeat wasn't down to our technical ability or physical presence, but rather our mentality. Reaching the semi-finals put our players under under a lot of psychological pressure and this time they were unable to deal with it. The Germans had the advantage of playing on home turf. We'll be preparing very well for the match for third place. I think we have seen a steady development in women's football and it's gaining in popularity all over the globe.

Alexandra Popp, Germany striker
The first goal was key. We played our own game. I've had a bit of a monkey on my back with regards to penalties recently and I wanted to bring that to an end. Now we're aiming to lift the trophy.