Korea Republic - USA quotes
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Choi In Cheul, Korea Republic coach
In the first half I wanted to give some younger players the opportunity to play at the World Cup. Ji So-Yun was not expected to play any part but I brought her on at half-time because we were losing. I gave no thought as to whether we wanted to play Nigeria or Mexico in the next stage. I just wanted to focus on this game, the effort from our team was great and I was proud of the players.  

Jill Ellis, USA coach
Playing South Korea is such an outstanding opportunity and it helps us physically and mentally to prepare for future games because they are so good in possession. We knew beforehand that Nigeria and Mexico had qualified from the other group but all I was concerned about was getting the result and securing our advance to the quarter-finals. And to be honest I didn't look at their team sheet and so I didn't notice beforehand that a number of their players were missing.

Bianca Henninger, USA goalkeeper
I was pleased with the save in the second half from Ji So Yun but to be honest all I was thinking about was doing my job like everyone else had been doing before. I had not had that much to do and it was my turn to do something. I am quite pleased with my form here but I'm trying to improve with every game.