France-Germany: quotes
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Stéphane Pilard, France coach
It’s easy really: the Germans were a little too strong for us today and it was always going to be tough for us. But all in all, we’ve had a fantastic tournament and I’m incredibly proud of my team. Before we set out for Chile we never dreamed of getting this far, so we’re not that downhearted today. We were a lot more gutted after the semi-final, as we were just seconds away from making the final. Overall, we had a few problems in defence, but we compensated for that with some terrific attacking play.

Maren Meinert, Germany coach
It was an interesting match, especially for the fans, who’ve been treated to plenty of goals. At the end of the day, we’re just delighted with the bronze medal. I think we deserve third place, because we’ve turned in some decent performances. Whatever, it was definitely worth coming to Chile. I’m also hoping Chilean women’s football keeps developing so positively.