Germany-Japan: Quotes
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Norio Sasaki, Japan coach
I was not surprised that we won. Before the tournament began, we prepared for matches against the bigger teams like Germany and USA. I'm really pleased that we battled so well and got our reward. We now need a win against Congo to finish top of the group, and that will be no easy task.

Natsuko Hara, Japan attacking midfielder
We have a real chance of winning this tournament. Our main rivals will be Brazil.

Maren Meinert, Germany coach
We're still not consistent enough. One day we play well, the next we play badly. We dominated certain phases of the match against Japan but we definitely did not play to our full potential today. Nevertheless, I have to say that we shouldn't be surprised that Japan played so well. We were expecting that.

Isabell Kerschowski, Germany striker
As soon as the final whistle went, we started concentrating on Canada and nothing else. I am convinced that we can handle the pressure. The quarter final is now what we're all aiming for.