New Zealand-Nigeria: Quotes
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Rita Chikwelu, Nigeria player
I’m feeling great because I’ve scored the late winner. What’s happened today makes me very happy. We can still play better than that, and I hope that’s what we’ll do in our next match. We’re aiming to make it as least as far as the quarter-finals.

Daniel Evumena, Nigeria coach
We were the better team by a long way, even though a number of our players have no international experience. That’s why we lost control of the match, but I want to congratulate my team, and I’m confident we’ll improve with every game. I want to reach the final of this tournament with Nigeria.

John Herdman, New Zealand coach

I think it was a very tough match. Nigeria are a good team. They let the ball – and as a result, us - do the work. But we knew the Nigeria game would be the toughest in our group. It’ll be easier against England and Chile. I’m very proud of my team. We’re disappointed, but it’s not the end of the world.