Nigeria-France: quotes
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Daniel Evumena, Nigeria coach
We’re obviously very disappointed, but let me also say how unbelievably proud I am of my players. They’ve been fantastic here, today and throughout the tournament, and we mustn’t forget how young they are. A number of them will still be eligible for 2011 in Germany, and we’ll be even better by then. France are a great team, so being knocked out by them is no disgrace.

Stéphane Pilard, France coach
It’s unbelievable, I’m just so proud of my girls. We’ve made history today, it’s the first time we’ve been as far as the semi-finals. It’s extremely important for women’s football in France. We’re gaining in confidence with every game we win. And let’s not forget we were without keeper Karima Benameur, midfielder Charlotte Bilbault and experienced striker Marie-Laure Delie today with injury. It’s terrific, our squad players have stepped up and swung the game in our favour. There’s no pressure any more, but obviously we’d like to make the Final now. Anything could happen!