Japan-Korea DPR: Quotes
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Norio Sasaki, Japan coach
We've already played North Korea on a number of occasions and so the way today's match went was no surprise. We made a few mistakes, particularly technical errors in midfield, but in football, matches are won and lost on mistakes. Our aim was to make it into the last four, but unfortunately we didn't. In any case, we've managed to improve over recent years. I don't think that the defeat was down to the fact that we were nervous. The Koreans played differently today compared with their previous matches against us. We are going to carry on trying out various systems and hopefully we'll achieve some success.

Kwang Sok Choe, Korea DPR coach
Japan were technically very impressive but we gave it our all out there. In the end, we made it through to the next round and that's what counts. We're confident in the way we're playing and in our ability to defend the title. We have some experience with teams like Brazil and USA, and I think that we have nothing to be afraid of. I'm personally convinced my team can beat those opponents and end up as world champions. The key to our success is that we are physically and mentally very strong.