Korea DPR-Mexico: Quotes
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Choe Kwang Sok, Korea DPR coach
We trained a great deal for this tournament and with the good results we've enjoyed, we're ready to face whoever comes next. The standard of the teams remaining is very high, but we believe we can match that level. Now, though, we're going to continue working to prepare ourselves physically and psychologically for the quarter-finals.

Andrea Rodebaugh, Mexico coach
As soon as we saw the draw, we knew this would be a tough group. We've learned a great deal, and the team's approach has improved with each game. This is a very young squad and one in which many of the girls are making their [World Cup] debut. They're different players now because of that experience. North Korea are an excellent side - the best in the competition. Just like Brazil, they're taller, stronger and quicker, and even though we play with a system and tactical discipline, we can't compete with them in that respect.

Charlyn Corral, Mexico striker
What was positive about our participation was that the team never stopped fighting for a minute. And although we tried our utmost, we lacked the football experience and intelligence to be able to compete. We also need to improve in physical terms.