Canada-Congo DR: Quotes
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Poly Bonghanya, Congo DR coach
We actually played pretty well, particularly up front and we did everything right apart from the fact that we didn't take our chances in front of goal. Obviously we would be the first to admit that Canada were clearly the better team. All that's left now is to go out against Japan with some pride and try to get a draw or maybe even a win. We'll give it our all, whatever happens.

Ian Bridge, Canada coach
This was a must-win game for us. It was a real pressure situation for my team and they came out of it very well, thanks to the hard work and intensive training that we put in after we lost our opening game. We learnt from our mistakes and we've got all our confidence back now. Next up are Germany who are a very strong team. It'll certainly be a tough match and we know that we will have to play to our full potential as once again, only a win will do for us.

Myriam Bouchard, Canada attacking midfielder
We're definitely good enough to beat Germany, but we'll have to play at least as well as we did today if we want to get the three points.