Germany-Canada Quotes
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Ian Bridge, Canada coach
I am proud of the way that my team fought in the dying minutes and never gave up. That's the most important thing for me. Germany are an incredibly strong team with a very, very good passing game. My players stuck to the tactics I gave them, but the Germans put us under enormous pressure. In the first match against Japan we weren't good enough, but we knew in any case that we were in a tough group. We're obviously disappointed that we didn't qualify, but we have a lot of young players in the team who I think will go on to big things in the future, particularly the 1990 year group.

Maren Meinert, Germany coach
What I currently feel is a great sense of relief. I wouldn't like to go through what we've experienced over the last few days every week. I am very pleased with the way we played today against Canada. It is quite clear though that we will have to take our chances better if we want to keep making progress in the tournament. We made life very difficult for ourselves today. We won't get as many chances against Brazil, that's for sure. The Brazilians are big-name opponents who have played some very impressive football so far. We have a lot of respect for this incredible team and we are going to concentrate fully on that match and how to beat them as of this evening. I don't care about whether we are favourites for the title or not. We have a match with Brazil to prepare for, and if we win, we'll see what happens next.