China PR-Argentina: Quotes
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Yasushi Kawakami, Argentina coach
We were up against the world runners-up and I think we held our own today. We're very pleased with the result. A lot of work, and not just the physical kind, allowed us to counter the speed of the Chinese, who didn't have too much of an upper hand over us. We're taking small but very good steps [in the right direction]. The nerves that come with making an international debut affected some of the players, but they managed to control them nevertheless.

Zhang Guilai, coach China PR
My players tried really hard today and had many goalscoring changes - though no luck. I think we can improve greatly and, if they manage to relax more in their next game, they'll do better. This was the first international for many of the players. In the first half nerves came in to play, while in the second it was the heat. It's a pity we couldn't manage a win, but we can do better and will work on improving our finishing.

Maria Belen Potassa, Argentina striker
When we relaxed we were able to control the game and create chances. Still we have to learn how to do that from the start for our next games.