USA-Argentina: Quotes
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Yashushi Kawakami, Argentina coach
I want to congratulate my players for the effort they put in during the game. What hit us hardest was conceding a goal after just ten minutes. Early in the second half we had two clear goal-scoring chances but missed them. Not finding a way to score is affecting my players. So long as we have a chance at qualifying, we're going to continue playing just like we have been.

Tony DiCicco, USA coach
Argentina are a world power in the men's game, and it's nice to see how their women's game is improving. For their part, my team grow in stature when they are in possession.

Alex Morgan, USA striker
We tried to start this game with the same intensity we showed against France. Scoring against them gave me a lot of confidence. I'm delighted with the support we've had from the public in Chillan.

Gabriela Chavez, Argentina defender
The USA were physically superior, but when we were in possession, they tended to panic somewhat. Because we had more control of the ball today, we were able to play more than in the China game, when we relied a lot on long balls.