China PR-France: Quotes
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Stephane Pilard, France coach
Beating China is a historic achievement for us, and we feel a deep satisfaction with having done it. I'd like to congratulate my players, who were very patient out there this evening. We didn't change how we played either. It's about our will to get a good result. Our goal is to win, and the more points we pick up the better. The fact that our next game is in La Florida works in our favour, as we already played a friendly there against Chile and know the terrain.

Zhang Guilai, China PR coach
My players gave their all during the game. We came here to learn and we're doing that. We made mistakes during the match and France deserved to win, as they were the better side on the day. We have to go on the results. The USA game will be a good opportunity to continue our development. We came here to learn, practice and continue improving.