Argentina-France: Quotes
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Yasushi Kawakami, Argentina coach
We did everything we could in the first half, but we couldn’t maintain the pace after half-time. France are a fantastic team, so although I’m sad we’re out of the tournament, I’m satisfied with the account we’ve given of ourselves today and throughout the tournament. We have to become more ruthless in front of goal. We’ll definitely do better next time round. I think sometimes you need to lose, so that at the end of the day, you can get into a position to win.

Stephane Pilard, France coach

It was a tough match, and I want to congratulate Argentina for an excellent performance. We knew before kick-off that we’d have more possession than our opponents, but football’s about scoring goals. We’ve succeeded in qualifying from a difficult group featuring the USA, China and Argentina, and we’re proud of that. It’s a completely new tournament now, and we’ll set our sights higher. Our goal is to visit all four stadiums here in Chile, and maybe we’ll be back in Santiago for the final.