Chile-England: Quotes
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Marta Tejedor, Chile coach
We're obviously very disappointed at the moment, but England are a good team while for us, this tournament is one big adventure. But we can promise you that we will also give it our best in our next two games. And I'm sure there will be a game that we'll win, and that it will come soon!

Daniela Pardo, Chile playmaker
I think that the result is an unlucky one for us. We shouldn't forget that England have been playing together for years, whereas we have a new squad. We are a team that really sticks together though, and maybe that will help us beat New Zealand.

Mo Marley, England coach
We knew exactly how good Chile were and what their style of play would be, and I think that we adapted to that very well. It was a tough match for us, but in the end our quality shone through. At half-time I told them that this was a big stadium and it was just the kind of game that players in their age-group should be dying to play in. My team took that on board and went out and enjoyed themselves. This is a very promising age group for England.