Chile-New Zealand: Quotes
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John Herdman, New Zealand coach
I feel sorry for the Chile fans, but what a match for them to see tonight! It was a very, very exciting evening. I am very proud of my players and the composure they kept to the very end. When Chile made a match of it in the 50th minute I knew we would have to play as hard as we've ever played before. The stadium and the crowd noise was so loud, but the girls kept focused and were able to pull out the win.

Marta Tejedor, Chile coach
We feel great sadness. Nobody likes to lose in their home stadium. The second half was very exciting, but we needed to play a good whole match. But I am very proud of the way my players handled the pressure tonight. The evolution of this young team has been great. What I want for me now, and the girls, is some rest, so that tomorrow they get up feeling positive...the fans, and their support for us, were fantastic. You could feel the passion for women's football.