Nigeria-China: Quotes
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Daniel Evumena, Nigeria coach
Chile are a great team with the skill you'd expect from a South American side. We have the strength typical of African teams, though, and we work harder on the physical side of things. When we arrived in Chile I said we would reach the final, and I'll say it again today: ‘We've come here to win the final'

Marta Tejedor, Chile coach
We lacked experience, but the girls did everything they could. In our time here we've managed to instil in them the values of perspiration, hard work and the determination to achieve a dream. I haven't heard one of them say they're going to give up football or that it wasn't worth it, but I am concerned to see how they assimilate all the media interest when this is over and they go back home. They're going to need a lot of help, and they need to stick together as a team.