went out and about in Peru to find out what the local people made of the FIFA U-17 World Championship Peru 2005. The response to the tournament was quite incredible.

Carlos (16): "It was the first time I had seen international football live in a stadium. I wanted to go to the Copa America but did not make it for various reasons. We are happy and proud to have been hosts of this tournament. It is not every day you have a world championship in your own country."

Robert (35): "We live in Lima and I sometimes take my children to the stadium to support the national team in their World Cup qualifiers. But the atmosphere at this U-17-World Championship was different. We were able to enjoy a really exciting brand of football. It is a real shame that we could not have seen all of the Peru games here."

Leticia (20): "I do not know that much about football, but I think it is great to be able to see all of the games and to be part of such an event in your own country. I hope we can host another tournament some time."

Tomás (17): Today is the first time I have been to a game, but I have followed all of the games on television. The organisation is good and the games were of high quality. I am very proud because I think Peru as a nation is very representative of South America. It is fantastic that we have been able to teach all of the visitors from abroad some more about our rich culture."

Jaime (40): We were a bit disappointed that Peru could not do better. I do not think we were very well prepared. But that did not stop us from going to more games, and we were able to see very good football. Even the first game I saw, Italy against Côte d'Ivoire, was of a high standard. 

Jorge (62): This is the third time we have been to the stadium. It was an amazing tournament with a lot of goals, fantastic atmosphere and good organisation.

Adela (46): The tournament was very well organised, which should not be taken for granted in South America. I think it is great that the children from the Chiclayo area were invited to the games. That was fantastic for them and it is wonderful that FIFA arranged it. We are very proud of our stadium in Chiclayo and the standard of the games was very high. USA, Korea DPR, Mexico and the Netherlands were very good teams.

María Eugenia (26): I really enjoyed working as a volunteer and my colleagues were very nice. I met a lot of new people from abroad and also improved my English slightly. I would really like to do it again for another tournament. I am very proud that the tournament was held here.

Margarita (32): The tournament is good because it is a gateway to the world. The world was able to discover Chiclayo and we were able to familiarise ourselves with new cultures because there were so many different nations here. It was good for the city and we have shown that we can host events of this magnitude. I hope we can build some football academies in the region to make our area more vibrant rather than simply concentrating on Lima.

Pedro (59): I saw three games in total, which were all very good. The organisation was also good. It was something special for me and we have seen that we are capable of hosting these events. It is not every day you can watch teams from all around the world. It was perfect!