The protagonists involved in the final of the FIFA U-17 World Championship Peru 2005 divulged their thoughts on the match with after the final whistle.

Jesus Ramirez (MEX)
It wasn't an easy match, contrary to what someone might think if they looked at the score. I didn't expect such a resounding victory because I know Brazil are a good team. I'm very happy to have won this tournament, especially for my players. They were fantastic, there's a real unity among them and that's what made the difference. We've achieved something huge in winning this tournament.

Carlos Vela (MEX)
I'm almost unable to speak. I'm so proud to have won this tournament and to have created history. I never would have thought we would win this final by three goals. I thought it would be a lot more difficult. The key to our success was, first and foremost, that we're a very tight group of players and have been for a long time. I dedicate my goal tonight, and the trophy, to my father, because it's his birthday this evening.  

Nelson Rodrigues (BRA)
Mexico played very well in the first-half and they managed to score two goals. We were better in the second-half but we were unable to score. My players had a good tournament and I congratulate them for it. They won other titles this year and they're the vice-champions of the world. That's the way football is. We worked hard to win, but it doesn't always work out. Second place doesn't really count in Brazil, but the whole world agrees about how good my team are.

Ramon (BRA)
I'm upset because we didn't have a single chance to win tonight. I hope to have another chance to win a tournament in the future. Today, we never really got into the match, especially after we conceded the first goal. We were never able to play our normal game and we can't be happy with that performance because we came to Peru to win. I think the loss against Gambia in our first game damaged our morale.