The 25,000 fans at the Manische stadium in Trujillo were treated to a feast of entertainment as the FIFA U-17 World Championship Peru 2005 got underway. A thrilling opening match between China and Costa Rica served as the appetizer to a spectacular official opening ceremony.

A throng of dancers, stilt-walkers and acrobats, some clad in red and others in a wide array of outsized costumes, delighted the festival crowd with a performance showing off Peru's rich cultural tradition, transforming the arena into a riot of colour and movement to the strains of the Peruvian marine band.

Watched by FIFA General Secretary Dr. Urs Linsi, the spectators applauded rapturously and clapped in time to the music as 16 artistes ceremonially bore the flags of the 16 participating nations into the stadium.

The 15-minute pageant concluded with the artistes gathering on the running track to salute the crowd in the main stand, before marching from the stadium to usher in a spectacular pyrotechnic display, the fireworks lighting up the Trujillo sky in a glorious finale to an uplifting and colourful opening.