Nigeria-New Zealand: Quotes
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John Obuh, Nigeria coach
I had confidence in my team from the start of the competition, despite the problems we had. Everything depended on how well my players were able to concentrate. This evening, they showed what they can do, and even enjoyed themselves, but in a positive way. The start of the match was not as easy as it seemed, and I feel slightly sorry for New Zealand that we put five past them. Bringing on Sani Emmanuel is a tactic which works well, there's no reason to change it.     

Stephen Cain, New Zealand coach
We've lost against a world-class team - they would have beaten any opposition this evening. It's hard enough with 11 players, but when we went down to 10 it really was mission impossible. We were a little unlucky with the first two goals, as they came from loose balls, although it must be said that they were quickest to them. We simply couldn't cope with their speed, technique and sharpness. They made full use of the pitch, used all the space and kept possession throughout. They were just too strong for us. Our plan was to hold them for at least the first half hour so that doubts would start to creep in, but after they'd scored two such early goals, it was an uphill struggle. But I'm proud of my players, and I'm convinced that they'll emerge from this tournament as better players and better people.