Nigeria 2009: The groups in photos
© Getty Images

The adage that a picture tells a thousand words is certainly true of's photo diary from the FIFA U-17 World Cup Nigeria 2009. Featuring emotional highs and lows, extreme weather and some fantastic football, our photographic review of the group stages captures the essence of what has been a captivating tournament thus far.

We invite you to browse through's collection and see which best sums up the tournament for you. Perhaps it is the torrential downpours which hit Enugu and Calabar, the shot of Costa Rica goalkeeper Mauricio Vargus seemingly lost in the rain or the ground staff sweeping water off the pitch? Or maybe you prefer New Zealand coach Stephen Cain beneath a menacing stormcloud or Turkey's Omer Ali Sahiner dousing himself with water in the scorching heat of Enugu? Each one tells its own story.

Jugglers and hakas 
There were emotions aplenty too, like New Zealand's Jack Hobson-McVeigh in a haka pose, Uruguay shot-stopper Salvador Ichazo brimming with joy in the penalty area, Spain's youngsters frolicing around the pitch after their opening victory, and Nigeria's circle celebration. But one team's elation is another team's heartbreak, as we can see in Japan's crushing disappointment, the image of Algerian Mohammed Cherchar masked by his shirt, and the anger of Germany's Shkodran Mustafi after defeat to Argentina.  

Then there were unique images like those of the people from Bauchi, that small unheralded northern town, or that of the intrepid ball juggler, James Sunday Mathew, from Calabar. And what of the images of Burkina Faso's Bertrand Traore in Enugu and Japan's Takumi Miyayoshi in Lagos.  

Also in the collection are photos of players in the tunnel, in training sessions and at the gym. There is also the Nigerian and Argentinian players on their trip from Abuja to Bauchi, and many more. FIFA's cameras were on hand at every turn to bring you unique photos from this most unique of tournaments. So click on the link to your right, and feast your eyes on some unmissable snaps.