Argentina-Colombia: Quotes
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Jose Luis Brown, Argentina coach                                                     
I came to this press conference out of respect for the media, but to be honest I feel like crawling into a hole. It's a crushing disappointment, because we came to Nigeria with the intention of going all the way. We definitely weren't expecting to be going home so soon. We ended up doing everything that we knew we should avoid on the pitch. We had a bad game, but I've still got great confidence in the boys and I know we'll be back again soon. I'd like to thank everyone in Nigeria for their great hospitality over the past few weeks.

Ramiro Viafara, Colombia coach                                                    
We have to thank God for this victory, as in the second half we played inspired football. Argentina played really well and created problems for us, even if a few of our players looked a little nervous in the first half. But we discussed it at half-time and they came out after the break with a completely different attitude. Let's hope we can keep progressing and get to the final, but for now we just want to enjoy our win, which we dedicate to everyone in Colombia.