Italy - USA: Quotes
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Pasquale Salerno, Italy coach
The USA are a decent side, particularly in midfield and attack. They have some good tactical players, but after the penalty save we were able to match them. We were lucky not to concede an equaliser towards the end, but overall I think we did well and we should have led by a greater margin at half time. Part of me is hoping that we draw Germany in the next round so that we can exact some revenge for the European Championship semi-final defeat over the summer. We're enjoying it here and we don't want to go home just yet. We want to be in it to the end. 

Wilmer Cabrera, USA coach
Congratulations to Italy for the win, they deserved it. They took their chances in front of goal and we didn't. That's been a major problem for us throughout this tournament. Still, I'm very proud of my squad. In every match we've managed to keep the ball on the deck and we showed good character on several occasions. The only difference between teams like us and Italy is their finishing ability. You have to hit the target in games like this and we certainly had more than enough chances - I had five strikers on the pitch at the end! Overall I think that we have a good youth development system back home, but we need to play more competitive matches to help us focus on the big stage.