Iran-Uruguay: Quotes
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Roland Marcenaro, Uruguay coach
It was a tough game for us tonight, but we ground it out as best we could and in the end I am so happy with the result. We fought for every ball and battled the whole game long. Iran was a very tough side but we wasted too many chances and allowed them to stay in the game for too long. Hopefully in the next game we can do better at scoring goals, but I think tonight we were the better team. We have been preparing for penalty kicks for months and months now, but I am happy we didn't need them. Maybe against Spain we will need them.

Ali Doustimehr, Iran coach

A world cup is the top level of football, and all of the teams here are very strong. These are the best teams in the world. Today we met a team that was better than we were. We gave them a good game and tried our best, but we couldn't take our chances tonight and that was a big problem. My players are young, and they can't do all of the things that you tell them to do. Tonight we paid for that. Overall, we showed our technique in our time here at the finals. We showed the world that we can play in Iran.