Colombia-Turkey: Quotes
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Ramiro Viafara, Colombia coach
We got off to a bad start, while they played very well. They're quicker and more powerful than us, so we had to rely on other qualities, in particular our mental strength. I never ask my players to wait till they're a goal down before playing to their ability, and scoring the equalising goal is not something that the coach can control. On the other hand, getting them to keep a level head and maintain their belief until the final whistle is something I can have a hand in, which is what I do.

Metin Cekicler, Turkey assistant coach
We started well and dominated the first half. We deserved our half-time lead. But in the second half, although we told the players to keep attacking, they subconsciously began to pull back. Colombia took advantage and never gave up hope. They scored from a small mistake by our goalkeeper, the only error he made in the match. I would like to congratulate them and wish them good luck for the rest of the tournament.