Switzerland-Italy: Quotes
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Dany Ryser, Switzerland coach
We're delighted to have qualified for the semi-finals of a World Cup - it's not something that happens every day. We've beaten Italy, who are a great team, and to be honest I think we were slightly fortunate, especially in the first half, when they looked the better side. The key to winning was mental toughness, these boys have incredible determination. They can achieve anything.

Pasquale Salerno, Italy coach
I think we had an excellent first half, in which we could even have wrapped the game up. We kept our shape despite falling behind and we had chances, but the missed penalty really dampened our spirits. In the end, the Swiss deserved their win. I'm still satisfied with this World Cup, as the boys played well in all their matches and we were beaten by a team coached by my friend Dany Ryser.